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Nano High Pressure Homogenizer NanoGenizer-Ⅱ

Description: High pressure Homogenizer for lipid nanoparticle preparation (max. pressure 45,000 psi)
Catalog Number: NanoGenizer-II
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  • Pressure:
    15,000psi 20,000psi 25,000psi 30,000psi 35,000psi 40,000psi 45,000psi
  • Flow Rate:
    60mL/min 100mL/min 120mL/min 150mL/min 180mL/min 200mL/min 230mL/min
  • Syringe Inlet&Outlet:
    20mL*2 30mL*2 50mL*2 100mL*2 300mL*2
  • Option: Inlet Stainless Cylinder:
    None 500mL 1000mL 2000mL 300mL-Glass-Jacketed
  • Option: Heat Exchanger:
    None HPE-100 HPE-150 HPE-150-3D
  • Voltage:
    110V 220V
  • Warranty:
    Standard 1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year 5 year
  • Compliance:
    N/A IQ/OQ
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NanoGenizer High Pressure Homogenizer:
NanoGenizer is a laboratory high pressure processing device. It is an electrically-driven and bench-top, high pressure homogenizer requiring no compressed air or hydraulic oil to achieve maximum 3,062 bar (45,000 psi) operating pressure.
NanoGenizer high pressure homogenizer is composed of a feed reservoir, high pressure pump, transducer, PLC control panel and microfluidics diamond interaction chamber. The sanitary pump system of the NanoGenizer high pressure homogenizer is able to supply the desired pressure to the product stream and push it through the micron chamber (microreactor) to create high shear rates and strong impact within the stream. This process results in uniform particle distribution and smaller particle sizes.
Application of NanoGenizer High Pressure Homogenizer:
Cell disruption and particle size reduction
Nano dispersions
Performance of NanoGenizer High Pressure Homogenizer:
Energy efficient, 1/2 energy loss of the most homogenizers
Small (integrated design delivers the light weight and small dimensions)
Smart (programming control systems confer diligent functions: controlled inlet volume ± 0.1mL; auto stop with time/volume)
Silent (noiseless performance)
Strong (more than 150 mL/min at 30,000 psi)
CE compliant and RoHS compliant
Catalog No. NG-15K NG-20K NG-25K NG-30K NG-45K
Flow Rate 150mL/min 150mL/min 100mL/min 100mL/min 60mL/min
Min. Sample 5mL 5mL 5mL 5mL 5mL
Max. Pressure 15,000psi 20,000psi 25,000psi 30,000psi 45,000psi
Dimensions(cm) 70 × 36 × 30 70 × 36 × 30 70 × 36 × 30 70 × 36 × 30 70 × 36 × 30
Weight 35 kg (75 lbs) 35 kg (75 lbs) 35 kg (75 lbs) 35 kg (75 lbs) 35 kg (75 lbs)
Max. Temp. 80ºC (176ºF)
Power 110V/220V
Cleaning Flush to clean
Application Nano emulsion, fat emulsion, liposome, cell disruption, nano dispersion, deagglomeration
Features Digital display of pressure or pressure gauge
Standard Features
Parts Y-type diamond interaction chamber with cooling option
Control System High pressure programming control systems: touch screen, speed control, auto stop control by volume, time, pressure or temperature, settable volume control as low as 1mL, display of flow rate and time, overload protection
Pressure Gauge Digital display on the touch screen
Inlet Type 1/4" HP coupling
Outlet Type 1/4" HP coupling
Inlet Reservoir 20mL syringe
Outlet Reservoir 20mL syringe
Product Material 316L stainless steel, tungsten carbide, viton, teflon
Material Standard Sanitary grade, FDA, GMP
Warranty 1 year against any manufacturing defects
Option Features
Parts High pressure extruders, homogenizing valves two stages, heat exchanger
Control System Mechanical control: speed, start, stop control
Detector Pressure gauge, pressure transducer, temperature transducer<
Outlet type Tri-clamp or luer
Heat Exchanger HPE-100-3D; HPE-150-3D; HPE-200-3D
Liposome Extruder GOE-200mL; GOE-1000mL
Inlet Reservoir 10mL, 20mL, 50mL, 100mL, 200mL, 500mL syringe, S/S cylinder, jacketed glass cylinder or online
Outlet Reservoir 10mL, 20mL, 50mL, 100mL, 200mL, 500mL syringe, S/S cylinder, jacketed glass cylinder or online
Cylinder Titanium high pressure cylinder (resistant to strong acid and base)
Product Introduction and User Guide Video Sharing:
User guide of genizer highpressure homogenizers
Introduces the structure and operation of the microjet high-pressure homogenizer

Varieties of Inlet and Outlet for NanoGenizer
Inlet:  syringe; open container; stainless steel cylinder
Outlet: syringe; open container; stainless steel cylinder
High Pressure Homogenizer Inlet and Outlet

Disassemble the seal
Disassemble the seal

Assemble the seal
Assemble the seal
Our design has minimized the occurrence of air-blocking, chamber-blocking and overload.
However, the improper operation of the homogenizer can still induce errors and cause damage to the homogenizer.

Air Blocking
Symptom: there is no pressure and no sucking from inlet
Prevention: do not run with empty inlet
Reason: there is air inside the pump
1) In the customer setup, push the "Degas" button 
2) Running 50mL water with 50% speed
3) Push the ball into the inlet valve with a pin
Push the ball into the inlet valve with a pin

Chamber Blocking
Symptom: overload of the pressure
Prevention: pre-treat the sample carefully; reduce the speed
Reason: there are aggregates or particles in the sample; too high a speed
1) Reverse flow the outlet valve with 100mL water with low speed
2) Reverse flow the chamber with water from low to high speed

1) Reduce the speed and close the power, wait 30 sec and restart
2) Wash with water or solvent
3) Run with clean and homo-disperse sample

No Response
Symptom: the equipment does not respond when click the “Start” button on the touch screen
1) Turn off the power supply and wait for 30 sec to restart
2) If there is still no response, please check the power input. The power supply of the equipment is 220V. When the external power supply is 110V, a power converter shall be used. And its INPUT port should connect to 110V while the OUTPUT port connect to 220V

Air blocking rarely causes damage to the NanoGenizer; however, the chamber blocking is harmful to the pump because of overloaded pressure in an instant.
1) Pretreat the sample carefully, and always use a clean and homo-disperse sample
2) Adjust the pressure from low to high
3) For safety, do not point the inlet or outlet of high pressure devices and equipment supplied by Genizer, including high pressure homogenizer, extruder, interaction chamber and valve, to any personnel or object that may affect safety or induce property loss.

For facilitating the user applications, the two ports in the high pressure cylinder of the NanoGenizer are exchangeable for inlet and outlet.

Pressure and chamber selection for various applications with NanoGenizer
Cells Mammalian cell
Mammalian cell
Insect cellInsect cell Bacteria cellBacteria cell Yeast cellYeast cell Algae cellAlgae cell Spore
Sample CHO|Hela Sf9|Sf21|H5 E. Coli   Yeast Green algae Ganoderma
Pressure 600-800bar   8500-11500psi 600-1000bar 8500-14500psi 800-1000bar 11500-14500psi 1200-1400bar 17500-20000psi 1200-1500bar 7500-21500psi 1300-1600bar 18500-23000psi
Chamber F20Y, F20Y-RT F20Y, F20Y-RT F20Y, F20Y-RT F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y

Emulsions Oil in water emulsions
Fat emulsion
Water in oil emulsionsCosmetics Oil emulsionFuel FoodMilk Liposome (o/w)Liposome (o/w) Liposome (w/o)
Sample Fat emulsion Cosmetics Fuel Milk DOX DNA|lipopolyplex
Pressure ~20,000psi ~10,000psi ~20,000psi ~10,000psi ~20,000psi ~8,000psi
Chamber F20Y, F12Y F20Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y

Dispersions Pigments
Inks, Coatings
CreamsCreams BatteryLithium/Solar cell Particle aggregationNano fibril GrapheneGraphene Nanotubes
Carbon Nanotubes
Sample Inks, Coatings Creams Lithium/Solar cell Nano fibril Graphene Carbon Nanotubes
Pressure ~25,000psi ~20,000psi ~20,000psi ~25,000psi ~20,000psi ~20,000psi
Chamber F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y F20Y, F12Y
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