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Assembly Diamond Interaction Chamber

Y-Type Diamond Compatible Interaction Chamber up to 45,000psi. Warrenty: 1 year.
Código do item: Cat.DIXC Assembly
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  • Chamber Type:
    F12Y F20Y J20Y J30Y
  • Slots:
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
  • Coupler:
    1/4" F →1/4" F 1/8" F →1/8" F 1/4" F →3/8"M 3/8" M →3/8" M 9/16" M →9/16" M 9/16" F →9/16" M
  • Real-Time Cooling:
    None RT
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  • Descrição
Description Y-type Diamond Interaction Chamber Single-Slotted, Multi-Slotted
Brand GenizerTM with High Quality
Compatibility for Microfluidizer and Avestin EmulsiFlexs Single-Slotted: M-110Y, M-110P, M-110L, M-110S and M-110EH Static Homogenizing Valve (Avestin)
Multi-Slotted: M-7115, M-7125, M-7250, M210, M610
W x D x H
35mm x 35mm x 85mm (Single-Slotted)
45mm x 45mm x 200mm (Multi-Slotted)
95mm x 95mm x 300mm (9/16" F
9/16" M Multi-Slotted)
Weight 1 lbs. (0.5kg) (Single-Slotted)
3 lbs. (1.5kg) (Multi-Slotted)
15 lbs. (7.0kg) (M610)
Cleaning Flush to clean
Sterilizing Whole unit Autoclavable
Pressure Range 20,000psi; 30,000 psi; 45,000 psi
Chamber Type Available Single-Slotted: F12Y, F20Y and Static Homogenizing Valve Multi-Slotted: F12Y-4, F12Y-5, F12Y-6, F12Y-7, F20Y-2, F20Y-4, F20Y-6, F20Y-7, F20Y-12, F20Y-13, F20-Y-17
Standard Features
Chamber Type Y-type Diamond Interaction Chamber:
F12Y, F20Y, N40Y, J30Y, J20Y for M210,
F20Y-12, F20Y-13, F20-Y-14 for M610
Max. Pressure 30,000psi
Product material 316L stainless steel, Diamond
Polishing Condition Electro-Polish and Passivation for pharmaceuticals
Warranty 1 year against any manufacturing defects
Option Features
Chamber Type Z-type Diamond Interaction Chamber:
H10Z, G10Z, H30Z, H210Z, H230Z, Q50Z, T50Z, T60Z, APM
Diamond auxiliary processing modules (APM)
Customer Made Customerized Laser mark, Customerized dimensions and fittings
Max. Pressure 45,000psi
Product material Titanium (Resistant to strong acid and base)
Product Cooling Real Time cooling on Chamber
Upgrade to Y-type Diamond Interaction Chamber 
Upgrade used F12Y or F20Y chamber to the brand-new F12Y-RT or F20Y-RT diamond chamber with real-time cooling function. Promotion available for a limited time.
Original Chamber Upgrade to Brand New Price
F12Y or F20Y Diamond Single-Slotted Chamber F12Y-1-RT or F20Y-1-RT Diamond Chamber $500.00
F12Y or F20Y Ceramic Single-Slotted F12Y-1-RT or F20Y-1-RT Diamond Chamber $500.00
F12Y or F20Y Multi-Slotted Chamber F12Y-RT or F20Y-RT Multi-Slotted Diamond Chamber Quote
How to Use
Is this compatible with Microfluidizer? 
The all chambers are compatible with any type of Microfludizer.

What is matertials of chambers?
All chambers are Diamond interaction chambers instead of Ceramic.

What if the chambers blocking?
By flow |reverse the chamber, the blocking can be sloved. By the way, Genizer's high pressure homogenizers have unique anti-blocking system which can minimize the most blocking of the chambers. 
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